Getting Started

Getting started with EtomicMail’s message management solutions is a simple, three-step process:

Step 1: Information Gathering
When contacting EtomicMail we will need to know the following information in order to assess your specific e-mail security needs:

  • Does your organization have its own mail server? If your e-mail is hosted by a third-party, you may not be able to take advantage of our services. Check with your service provider to see if you can still use their service if you change your MX record.
  • What virus screening and spam blocking solution is your organization currently using?
  • How many unique users does your e-mail system serve within your organization?
  • What is the monthly volume of both inbound and outbound messages for your system?
  • Who is the Authorative for the DNS for your company’s domains? In order to make changes to your MX record, you will need to have contact with the person that has DNS authority for your organization.
  • Who are the technical and business contacts for your organization?

Step 2: Selecting Services
Once we have gathered the necessary, qualifying, background information about your company’s network, your account executive will work with you to complete a Service Agreement and arrange a convenient time to establish service.

Step 3: Service Implementation
In less than an hour, our client services team will navigate you through the set-up and orientation process — typically conducted by telephone.

It’s that simple! Three easy steps and your e-mail are protected by the most effective message management solutions available.

For more information on EtomicMail email and web security solutions, contact us
at +1 (858) 345-4592, via email at , or submit an online inquiry.

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