Disaster Recovery

Now, more than ever, companies rely on e-mail for a variety of business communication. Most companies are sending and receiving more e-mail messages than telephone calls. Therefore, securing your company’s e-mail network is a critical goal in protecting e-mail communication. Securing a network often presents a challenge to IT professionals, consuming valuable time and resources.

In order to provide a proper safety net for your messaging network, EtomicMail offers both “Store and Forward,” as well as “Outbound SMTP Relay” services. Should your e-mail server become unavailable, EtomicMail will store all messages until your service is reconnected, ensuring no e-mail is lost or bounced due to unavailable servers. Once service is restored messages are delivered in a “flow controlled” fashion to avoid overburdening your system. Our network of five data centers has never experienced downtime – no other provider can make this claim — offering a reliable destination for inbound e-mail that is always available.

Outbound SMTP Relay

MX Logic email protection disaster recovery

Benefits of EtomicMail Disaster Recovery:

  • Enhanced Security – Mail servers are never exposed to the Internet, thereby guarding against hackers, attacks by malicious code, viruses and spam.
  • Cost-Effective – EtomicMail’s valuable message protection and security is unavailable to most organizations and cost prohibitive to all but the largest enterprises.
  • Extremely Reliable – EtomicMail guarantees 99.999 percent service availability; no other provider can make this claim.

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