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E-mail has revolutionized how business in conducted. Today e-mail serves as a path for exchanging data, contracts, orders, legal documents and other sensitive material, yet e-mail inherently places companies in the vulnerable position of being exposed to viruses and unsolicited messages. If left unprotected, a company’s network is at heightened risk of disclosing proprietary information, and at increased risk to attack by malicious code or worms, spam, and viruses.

MX Logic email protection attribute blocking

Numerous industries, including financial services and healthcare, have specific laws governing communication. Therefore, it is essential that companies conducting business in these and other sectors be aware of certain regulations by which inbound and outbound messages must comply. Even without regulatory concern, policy enforcement of e-mail communications is sound business practice. Intellectual property is your company’s most important asset. Protect your assets with policy management and enforcement — EtomicMail’s Attribute Blocking can assist with this task.

Benefits of EtomicMail’s Attribute Blocking include:

  • Policy Enforcement – Ensures compliance with corporate policies for distribution of sensitive information and data.
  • Content Control – This valuable feature allows you to monitor and enforce appropriate content for use in e-mail messaging.
  • Reduces Liability – EtomicMail’s policy filters provide a valuable asset to your messaging network. They assist in guarding against the distribution of sensitive and/or confidential information that may place your company at risk for legal liability, thereby reducing potential liability to your organization.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Our outbound policy enforcement provides assistance with compliance to relevant laws and regulations, such as HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which regulates security, privacy and non-disclosure of various forms of communications, including e-mail.

EtomicMail serves as a guard to your company’s messaging network through automated monitoring of both outbound and inbound e-mail, while blocking sensitive and/or inappropriate messages from entering and leaving your network. Our policy enforcement function allows messages to be blocked by:

  • Specific keywords and/or phrases (appearing in either the subject line and/or the body of the message)
  • Specific e-mail addresses from which you do not wish to receive and/or send messages
  • File/Message size
  • Number of recipients
  • Specific domain (s)
  • Attachment name/type

Once the EtomicMail network receives client-defined attributes and policies, they are immediately applied to filter inbound and outbound message flow. Attributes and policies are easily defined and updated via an easy-to-use, Web-based interface. Any messages violating an attribute or policy rule is returned to sender, then tallied and reported in a regularly generated “Rejection Report.”

Outbound e-mail also can be closely monitored and analyzed for virus contamination and/or infected files that are cleaned before reaching the intended recipient, or destination.

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