Etomicmail Hosted Zimbra Email with MX Logic spam protection

Zimbra email includes Zimbra Mobile, blackberry, Treo, iphone Take the next step.  Download the whitepaper to learn more about what's wrong with email today and how to fix it with Zimbra email.


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Zimbra email is a 2006 Infoworld 100 finalist


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Zimbra Testimonial:

"The Ajax web client is incredible. We don't bother with a fat client in Customer Support anymore."

Dave Jenkins, CTO


Zimbra email has 2GB storage per user

  • IMAP & POP3 supported
  • 24/7 phone & email support
  • Includes 1 Zimbra account
  • Includes group functionality tools
  • Includes Web Access
  • Includes mobile sync

Zimbra email with MX Logic email protection at 9.95
Etomicmail's Hosted Zimbra email package includes MX Logic's anti-virus and anti-spam service.

E-mail Protection From:

Hosted MX Logic spam and virus protection
Hosted MX Logic spam and virus protection uses Cloudmark.
Hosted MX Logic spam and virus protection uses Trend Micro
Hosted MX Logic spam and virus protection uses Sophos.

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Etomicmail and Hosted Zimbra email

Global Address Book
Zimbra provides for a company directory they can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook or Apple for e-mail, contacts, and calendar. In addition, you can share your contacts with other users in your company. Read more

Mobile Access
With Zimbra, you can view and update your contacts, calendar, tasks and e-mail directly from your compatible cell phone, PDA, or mobile viewing device. Read more

Shared Calendars
With Zimbra, your company can keep up to date with important dates by using the shared calendars and invite features of Microsoft Outlook. Read more

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection
Etomicmail provides free real-time spam and virus scanning for your entire companies e-mail. The spam protection is provided by MX logic and Cloudmark. The virus protection is provided by Trend Micro and Sophos. Most other providers charge extra for the service. Read more

Task Management
Keep track of what projects you are working on. You can also allow other users in your company access to what task you are working on. Read more

Zimbra E-mail Hosting Offers
The Etomicmail Zimbra E-mail Hosting offers: Free 7-day demo Free 24 X 7 tech support.

 Features Zimbra Exchange  
Email Protection
Spam Protection    
Virus Protection    
Configurable Blacklists and Whitelists    
Content Filtering    
Attachment Filtering    
Disaster Recovery    
Fraud Protection (from phishing attacks)    
Reputation Filtering    
Outbound Message Filtering    
Easy to Use Administration    
User Console    
ActiveDirectory authentication    
Antispam features    
Antivirus features    
Internal user access scheme    
LDAP authentication    
Other/system authentication    
SSL (software)    
Built-in firewall capabilities    
Built-in proxy capabilities    
SSL (hardware)    
GUI configuration    
GUI setup    
Remote administration    
SNMP configurable/monitorable    
J2EE 1.4 compliant    
Commercial support available    
Forum support    
Convenient Anytime Access    
Web Access    
Group Functionality and Public Folders    
Mobile Access    
Task Management    
Rules for E-mail Management    
MAPI over HTTP (requires Windows XP & Outlook 2003)    
Pop-up Reminder    
E-mail Aliases    
E-mail Auto-responder    
Catch-all E-mail Addresses    
Free telephone support    
GSA scheduled    
Mailing list support    
Service-level agreement offerings available    
Supports external scripting/batch language    
Own API    
Includes source    
Own scripting/batch language     
Other Features
Storage 2GB 1GB 2GB 1GB  
Multiple logs    
Virtual servers    
Web-based user interface    
Supports Microsoft ISAPI    

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