MXLogic – McAfee Advanced Spam & Virus Protection

Keep your in-boxes FREE of spam

Our MXLogic McAfee anti-spam engine filters incoming mail across dozens of languages using a variety of methods. Our processes include reputation filtering, outbreak monitoring, content scanning, URL filtering, recipient verification and more. It will block 90% of spam at the SMTP transaction layer before it consumes any resources for maximum efficiency.

Block mal-ware, phishing attacks and unwanted content

Our sophisticated MXLogic McAfee email filtering protects users from the latest identity theft, password and banking scams and other incidents by looking for suspicious content, attachments or URLs. You can also block unwanted content using MIME type and extension filters. We employ dual antivirus-scanning engines that constantly update in real-time to detect the latest threats.

Advanced Spam Blocking
Block over 99 percent of spam and eliminate associated costs.

Virus and Worm Scanning
Integrate maximum protection against virus outbreaks.

Flexible reporting saves time
If you choose to allow your employees to manage their quarantine, MX Logic sends regularly-scheduled Spam Quarantine Report to your employees’ email in-box. Through this report, email end-users can easily and quickly delete, forward, white list and/or blacklist quarantined email. No having to log in to another website to access quarantine.

Content and Attachment Filtering
Reduce corporate liability and risk, while increasing corporate spam control.

Fraud Protection
Protect your network and your employees from the risks of phishing.

Email Attack Protection
Shield your network from vulnerability and attack.

Outbound Message Filtering
Protect corporate integrity by establishing sent file policies.

Sophisticated Quarantine Management
Control quarantined messages using safe, external end-user and administrator quarantine management.

Around-the-clock Monitoring and protection
Feel confident in automatic, real-time messaging system protection.

MX Logic® Fail Safe Disaster Recovery Service
Protect your email network during outages with automatic protection designed for organizations that can never afford to lose an email.