Want To Learn About Wallapop

Want To Learn About Wallapop

In September 2014, I was with my girlfriend and we were walking on the street when she told me about a new mobile application that all of her friends on Facebook were using called, Wallapop.

I suppose that anything that has to do with Facebook I generally tune out because I am not a big Facebook user.

While walking we ran into a mutual friend who again told me about this great new mobile application called, Wallapop.

Once again, I really didn’t pay any attention.

It took me nearly one year later to actually check out this thing called Wallapop. Wallapop is based in Barcelona, Spain and it is essentially a mobile flea-market.

In October 2015, my girlfriend had just returned from visiting her family abroad and she had some luggage that she wanted to just throw out, because it got slightly damaged during the trip and in our new flat we really didn’t have any space for the two over sized pieces of luggage.

I am not sure what made me think of that mobile app, one year later but I did.

I said, “Don’t throw that out, what was the name of the application you were talking about to buy and sell things?”

It was super easy to use, I just downloaded the app, and linked it to, you guessed it, my Facebook account, and I was up and running.

I took your pictures. And placed two really simple ads:

Green Luggage:

An almost new luggage used only once. Is in good condition. Bought for 25€ in June 2015.

Pink Luggage:

An almost new luggage used only once. Is in good condition. Bought for 25€ in June 2015.

That was it.

Within a day I had sold both pieces of luggage for a total of 21€.

What I really love about Wallapop, is that I didn’t have to mail anything, link my Paypal account, load the luggage in my non-existent car. The buyers come to your house and pay in cash.

It’s like a virtual garage sale without the Penny Saver Ads or signs to to be posted to attract people to your house.

The app allows buyers and sellers to see products and sellers within a mile of your house. As you scroll down the ads, the distance from your house increases.

It’s absolutely brilliant.

And as I mentioned before you don’t have to do anything.

I have bought and sold on eBay and online and its not as streamline and super easy as Wallapop.

Best of all you can sell all that stuff in your house that you don’t use and that is just taking up space and convert it into cash. Its like a virtual garage sale meets pawn shop meets ebay all in one.

We recently moved into a new flat, and it was semi-furnished.

So I have decided to use the money from the sale of unused stuff in our house and use the money to buy the necessary furniture we need.

I sold a desk lamp for 15€ and bought a semi new Ikea dresser for 18€, the dresser cost us 3€. And the seller delivered the dresser to our front door, literally.

The other day my girlfriend found a mini end table for 8 euros, I was able to barter the price to 6 euros, and they delivered it to our house free of charge. When I saw the table it was all wrapped up in Ikea packing tape, it had never even been used.

Our new flat was furnished with full size futon bed, dining room table and chairs, two dressers, one large Wardrobe closet, a new standing lamp, a television table, a night stand, a shoe closet, and bookcase, all for 250 euros.

I seriously believed that applications like Wallapop are the future especially in this day and age of a fast and furious world economy that is constantly changing. Wallapop and other like minded mobile applications allows people to trade, buy and sell goods and services from people local in their area that is super simple and where your don’t have to ship anything or are charged a commission.

As an advent fan of eBay, Amazon, Fiverr, I can honestly say that Wallapop has a distinct advantage. It is catering to a need that the others are not.