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message continuity

It happens.  Your business experiences an email network outage, shutting down communications and exposing you to the loss of important information.  Whether due to power or equipment failure, a natural disaster or even human error, email outages can occur at any time, affecting productivity, reputation, and ultimately, your bottom line.

To protect your business whenever “it” happens, MX Logic Disaster Recovery Services provide the safeguards you need to protect information and keep the lines of communications open.  Our services work like an insurance policy to protect against potential business disruptions and offer:

  • Automatic or manual service engagement
  • Ample storage to protect against even prolonged outages
  • Outage notifications to your IT staff
  • Easy management via the MX Control ConsoleSM
  • 24x7 customer support and automatic service updates

MX Logic provides two disaster recovery service modules to meet the needs of your business.

  • MX Logic® Message Continuity – Provides Web-based email access, management and use and 60 rolling days of storage. During an outage, all inbound and outbound mail continues to be filtered by the MX Logic® Email Defense Service to protect your business from threats.  Once connectivity has been restored, all outage-period email activity is intelligently synchronized with your primary system.
  • MX Logic® Fail Safe Service – A storage-only solution that is ideal for businesses that can’t afford to lose an email during outages. MX Logic Fail Safe provides five rolling days of storage and delivers all spooled email back to the businesses upon completion of the outage.

With MX Logic Disaster Recovery Services you can be confident that no matter whenever “it” happens – and “it” will -  your business is protected.

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