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Services Overview - MX Logic

MX Logic Inc. is a leading managed security services provider of email and Web security services. MX Logicís patented technology and commitment to creating the most user-friendly security solutions in the industry make MX Logic the appropriate choice for businesses that want enterprise-grade service and performance without enterprise-level complexity and cost.

EtomicMail offers your organization superior, perimeter-based e-mail protection and message management services. We play a vital role in protecting your entire e-mail network, ensuring secure inbound and outbound message delivery. EtomicMail is on the front lines of your network gateways.

EtomicMail's message management solutions protect your e-mail network from:
  • Inundation of unsolicited e-mail, or spam
  • Virus attacks
  • Attack by malicious code, or worms
  • Unwanted assaults on e-mail servers
The EtomicMail solution was designed to provide first-rate electronic message management. Because our network has never experienced downtime, EtomicMail is the only provider that can ensure e-mail is delivered 100 percent of the time. Through our comprehensive attribute blocking, policy management, virus scanning and spam filtering techniques the integrity of your messaging network is never compromised. Our e-mail management solutions and capabilities provide your company with:

Attribute Blocking: EtomicMail will block messages with specified attributes before they enter your e-mail system. This service is tailored to each client's individual needs and has the ability to block e-mail by a variety of client-specified attributes including: attachment name/type; file size; number of recipients; domain; e-mail address; and/or keywords and phrases.

Disaster Recovery: EtomicMail enables you to recover messages should your e-mail server become unavailable. While your server is down, our disaster recovery solution ensures no e-mail is lost or bounced. Once service is restored all stored mail is then automatically forwarded in a "flow controlled" fashion to avoid overburdening your system.

Spam Filtering: Eliminating spam saves your company time, money, and ultimately increases productivity. With EtomicMail's proprietary, multi-layered spam technology unsolicited e-mail is automatically filtered prior to infiltrating your e-mail server. All inbound and outbound messages are subject to three layers of advanced spam filtering technologies -- Blacklisting, Fingerprinting and Rules-based Scoring.

Virus Scanning: EtomicMail's perimeter-based solutions integrates virus engines from Sophos and Trend Micro enabling updates to virus definitions every 10 minutes vs. premise-based solutions that may possibly update daily.

E-Mail Server Protection: With EtomicMail your IP address is masked and your corporate SMTP server is hidden behind our network, protecting your network from unwanted SMTP-based attacks such as worms or Trojan horses.

Outbound Services: Our Outbound Relay service works by scanning and monitoring outbound messages for viruses and enables the monitoring of e-mail (and attachments) for all outbound messages. Virus detection.

Our fully managed service alleviates the burden of software ownership and management, which can be costly and consume valuable IT resources. It only takes a simple configuration change to begin taking advantage of the EtomicMail solution.

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