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email archiving

Zimbra email archiving
Security with Simplicity

Archiving and compliance is the reality for today's organization (SOX, HIPAA, FRCP, corporate governance) but it can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. Many legacy solutions require expensive hardware, specialized administrative expertise, and are difficult to use. The increased strain on your team and budget typically means lower compliance levels and ultimately results in liability (see E-discovery rules add summer IT work for schools).

Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0 fully supports Archiving and Discovery; it is available as an optional licensed add-on to ZCS (like Zimbra Mobile). As with all other Zimbra services, we tackled the archiving problem by fixing what we think is broken in current solutions. Consequently Zimbra Archiving and Discovery is:

  • Integrated- it's much easier to use one combined email and archive system than bolt on and learn totally different 3rd party software
  • Comprehensive- powerful search indexing of all meta data and over 200 different attachments types
  • Simple to use - Zimbra search is an elegant way to manage complex discovery compared to basic text search
  • Cost effective - more efficient server (3-5x better than industry) means less hardware plus our HSM architecture works well with utility storage

Zimbra Archiving and Discovery can be evaluated free in the Network Edition trial.

"Zimbra has allowed us to easily offer archiving, compliance and other critical capabilities required by the financial services community."
                                              -  Marshall Huwe, CEO Amicus, Inc.

How Zimbra Archiving and Discovey Works

Messages for end-users who are selected to be archived are automatically copied (forked) to a pre-selected SMTP address using the Zimbra Postfix MTA. The process is transparent to the end-user. During the process the archived message is also expanded to include the relevant envelope headers and other recipient address information and placed in the archive with the message. This flexible approach gives businesses the option to run Zimbra Collaboration Suite side by side with their existing 3rd party archive server or to run an all-Zimbra messaging plus archive solution.


  • Use ZCS messaging with ZCS Archive Server as an integrated solution or add your existing 3rd party archive server via SMTP message forwarding to ZCS
  • Discovery UI integrated into the standard ZCS Admin console toolset
  • Class of Service (COS) used to set admin discovery privileges
  • Set up archiving per user; search across mailboxes
  • Easy to create advanced queries with Zimbra Visual Search Builder
  • Search inside attachments, over 200 recognized and indexed
  • New discovery mailbox is auto-provisioned with results-set based on search query
  • Use Tags, Flags, and Conversation views to easily manage discovery mailbox
  • End-user self archiving from Outlook via PST file import

More Information and Pricing

ZCS Archive and Discovery is available for purchase as an add-on to your Network Edition server beginning at $24 per mailbox archive account. You can try it for free as part of the Zimbra Network Edition trial. Feel free to contact for more questions.

For more information about ZCS Archiving and Discovery:

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