Interview Exclusive with the Father of Data Warehouse, Bill Inmon

Interview Exclusive with the Father of Data Warehouse, Bill Inmon

Bill Inmon is the founder of Forest Rim Technology, and most notably he is recognized as the father of data warehousing. He is creator of the Corporate Information Factory and more recently, creator of the Government Information Factory. With over 35 years of experience in database technology management and data warehouse design, he has been a keynote speaker for many major computing association and many industry conferences, seminars, and trade-shows.

I spoke with Bill, to learn more about his past, what he currently thinks of things such as “Big Data” and what the future may hold.

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Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Technology

Bill Inmon, world-renowned expert, speaker and author on data warehousing, is widely recognized as the “Father of Data Warehousing.” He was also voted as “One of the Ten IT People Who Mattered in the the Past Forty Years” by the Computer World Magazine’s July 2007 issue. His company Forest Rim Technology, and is a pioneer in creating a software technology known as TextualETL™.

TextualETL™ uses textual disambiguation© which is a proprietary software process that reads narrative text and edits that text into a standard database format so that analytical processing can be done on the text