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Our virus scanning capabilities offer a technologically advanced anti-virus solution that serves as “Homeland Security” for your corporate e-mail system. As times have changed so has the importance of securing your messaging network from unwanted viruses. Before the eruption of Internet usage viruses were primarily spread through infected floppy disks or other relatively slow moving transmission methods. Today as much as 90 percent of all security attacks come from external sources such as hackers. With an alarming trend on the rise, the likelihood of your computers being infected by a virus has significantly increased, as hackers now have moved past internal employees as the primary source of security attack. With this increased vulnerability to viruses has come the need to minimize potential damage companies face by an unforeseen virus infection.

Through EtomicMail’s multi-layered network architecture our anti-virus solution ensures messages are delivered securely, reliably, and free of viruses or other damaging content. The following diagram illustrates how our perimeter-based, multi-layered virus scanning approach works:

MX Logic virus scan

More About Multi-Layered Virus Scanning
As the above diagram illustrates, our multi-layered network provides a highly effective safeguard, rapid response against harmful viruses. The fast-moving nature of today’s viruses requires immediate defenses not provided by desktop anti-virus software and/or gateway solutions.

EtomicMail’s anti-virus partnerships with Sophos and Trend Micro allow us the ability to constantly scan for viruses and, if necessary, react on an immediate, global scale. Each of our anti-virus partners offers a vital component to EtomicMail’s virus scanning network of capabilities:

  • Sophos – viruses generated in Europe are analyzed by U.K.-based researchers who identify and analyze these viruses long before they affect systems in the U.S.
  • Trend Micro – researchers in Asia also identify and analyze Asia-based viruses prior to harming systems in the U.S.

Beyond the global reach of our anti-virus partners, EtomicMail’s team of developers maintains close relationships with these alliances, taking our virus scanning to another level. We often work with our partners at every stage of the development of virus remedies resulting in our ability to protect against new viruses before new signatures are publicly released. EtomicMail’s powerful policy and attribute blocking capabilities also allow us to immediately protect your network from viruses before public notification because all messages violating legitimate message criteria are blocked.

Outbound Virus Scanning and Anti-Virus Content Filter
Being the source of a damaging virus, worm or Trojan horse can do even more damage to your organization’s reputation. In addition to securing inbound communication, EtomicMail can monitor outbound e-mail to protect those with whom your organization communicates.

Benefits of EtomicMail’s Anti-Virus Scanning Solution

  • Better Security – Multiple anti-virus scanning and content-blocking capabilities defend against viruses and other malicious content entering your network.
  • Cost Effective – EtomicMail’s multiple-anti-virus scanning engines are available at a significantly lower cost when compared to purchasing, deploying and managing your own multi-engine virus solution. Click here to calculate the noticeable benefit of EtomicMail’s superior message management and anti-virus solutions.
  • Rapid Updates – Anti-Virus scanning updates occur every 10 minutes; within minutes our highly trained operations staff has the ability to make necessary network alterations to block viruses and other malicious content.
  • Extremely Reliable – Protection from virus scanning comes with EtomicMail’s 99.999 percent availability guarantee. Our clients know they are getting the most reliable, secure anti-virus solution available on the market.

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