EtomicMail’s Spam Filtering solution has an immediate, direct return-on-investment and can significantly reduce costs to fight unwanted e-mail (or spam). While the figures vary, it’s estimated in the next five years spam will increase to more than 845 billion messages or 3,900 per user, an exponential increase from the 140 billion estimated spam sent in 2001. As these numbers rise so does the cost to your organization. It is estimated spam alone last year cost U.S. corporations $8.9 billion in down time, technical resources and help desk support.

Spam filtering saves your company time, money, and ultimately increases productivity. With EtomicMail’s proprietary, multi-layered spam filtering technology unsolicited e-mail is automatically filtered before infiltrating your e-mail server. All inbound and outbound messages are subject to three layers of advanced spam filtering technologies — Blacklisting, Fingerprinting and Rules-based Scoring.

The following diagram illustrates our system’s multi-layered approach to spam filtering:

MX Logic spam filtering

EtomicMail utilizes three layers of protection to analyze every inbound and outbound message, detecting and acting on all suspected spam:

Blacklisting: EtomicMail utilizes a proprietary blacklist; opposed to commercial blacklists, such as MAPS and ORBZ/S that typically adhere to a policy of “guilty until proven innocent” — this approach to spam frequently blocks legitimate e-mail. Our proprietary blacklist allows us to block websites and e-mail addresses from which your organization does not wish to receive messages. It also contains the known addresses of Internet spammers and/or hackers, allowing you to avoid embarrassing rejections of legitimate e-mail.

Fingerprinting: Fingerprinting detects matches with known spam characteristics. Those messages not blocked by blacklisting are fingerprinted for future detection. Our fingerprinting technology gives our clients the advantage of sharing in the knowledge of fingerprinted information from mail filtered through our entire customer base.

EtomicMail’s Fingerprinting utilizes two, key spam filter operations:

  • Identified spam messages are fingerprinted and, based on content, assigned a unique identification (i.d.). Should these messages attempt to penetrate your system again, the fingerprint is detected and the message marked as spam, ultimately blocking it from your system.
  • Identified spam messages are closely analyzed for new spamming methods. Once a new method is identified our spam filter team immediately modifies our scoring layer* to circumvent spam messages using the same method.

* Based on more than 8,000 unique characteristics (or rules) of both spam and legitimate e-mail characteristics, EtomicMail assigns scores to messages based on these rules – rules-based scoring. Messages containing spam characteristics are given more points; points are subtracted when many legitimate characteristics are identified in a message. If a certain message reaches a defined point threshold, it is flagged as spam, blocked from our network and ultimately from your system.

Message characteristics EtomicMail evaluates and scores when fingerprinting spam:

  • Keywords and phrases in both the body and subject of the message
  • Header formation (i.e., Message-ID, Received, random characters)
  • Mail server origination
  • Originating mail agent
  • “From” and “SMTP From” address

Spam Filter Treatment: Unlike most competitors, EtomicMail has an extremely low incidence of rejecting legitimate messages – less than one for every 250,000 e-mail messages received (less than 0.00004 percent). In the event that a legitimate e-mail is improperly blocked, our spam filter treatment allows us to quarantine and store suspected spam messages identified outside your network. Our customers can then review these stored messages so they may retrieve any improperly blocked messages. Messages are deleted after 30 days. As an alternative to reviewing quarantined messages, EtomicMail can forward suspected spam to our customers. These forwarded messages are modified so that they may be flagged for internal review. Modifications include: X-headers for spam filtering inside the perimeter; insertion of new subject line (i.e., ); and/or directing spam to an internal SMTP mailbox.

Benefits of EtomicMail’s Spam Filtering Solution:

  • Automatic Spam Filter Processing – NO user interaction required
  • Highly Accurate Spam Filtering – Low incidence of rejecting legitimate messages – less than one for every 250,000 e-mail messages received (less than 0.00004 percent) — means legitimate e-mail is not blocked, while spam is quickly identified, scored and blocked from your server
  • Hassle-Free Spam Quarantine – With our spam filter treatment quarantined spam automatically expires and is then deleted
  • Extremely Reliable – Protection from spam filtering comes with EtomicMail’s 99.999 percent availability guarantee; our spam filtering is always available to safeguard your network from hackers or outside attacks.

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