• Why use private or dedicated cloud?

    Private Cloud answers numerous outsourcing requirements, as well as those of secure crtical infrastructure construction. Total isolation and 100% performance SLA guaranteed for you and your customers.

    Best level of security, scalability, and performance

    Private Cloud (also called Dedicated Cloud) systems provide industry best level of security, scalability, and performance. Operate your own cloud distributed (hypervisors) over a single or multiple dedicated servers. Private Clouds (hosts/servers, datastores) or resources (RAM, CPU. Disc) offered to our customers on totally dedicated on high availability infrastructures. A private Cloud also includes our infrastructure management or you can upgrade to our cloud managed services to manage as much or as little of your environment as needed. Plus, you can add any cloud option (see options is features) as a logically isolated or physically isolated resource.

    Pick your hypervisor

    We can build your private cloud and manage it on any of the following hypervisors

    • VMware – vSphere
    • Microsoft – Hyper-V
    • Citrix – Xen
    • Open source – Openstack

    Private cloud vs. Dedicated cloud

    Compare Private Cloud Dedicated Cloud
    Description The computing layer is physically dedicated to one customer. The other infrastructure layers are virtually private and isolated with secure software tools. The computing layer is physically dedicated to one customer. The other infrastructure layers are also dedicated and isolated to only one customer.
    Cloud computing Dedicated Physical Node/Server
    (CPU, RAM, internal Disc)
    Dedicated Physical Node/Server
    (CPU, RAM, internal Disc)
    External Storage Option Secure virtual disc space with logical isolation Physical disc are dedicated to one customer only
    Cloud computing Dedicated IP(s) and individual private security rules per IP and virtual server per customer. Entire dedicated Unified Threat Management(UTM) system per customer with either a virtual appliance or dedicated appliance.
    Switching Private vLAN Private vLAN or dedicated

  • Select Your Service Level

    You can focus your time and resource where they are utilized best. All cloud services include infrastructure service-level’s with our 24 x 7 support. If you have no IT resources don’t worry, you can focus on your core business and will do all your IT management. Just add manage services to your cloud services and we will manage it for you. Plus you get a discount on your cloud services when manage services are added (see discount tab for details)

    Infrastructure Service Level

    • Support for the entire infrastructure, host machines, Storage systems, network, and all data center facilities.
    • Includes engineering services for designing, architecting, and planning your environment.
    • Migration services for your existing physical or virtual servers to our environment (additional charges may apply for complex migrations)
    • Includes engineering services were optimizing your applications for performance and security.

    Managed Service Levels

    • Includes all the services that come with infrastructure service levels
    • We will help configure your web servers, environment, and DNS.
    • Fully manage services for all your systems and data
    • Customize monitoring to ensure your highest level applications and functionality are performing
    • Full engineering services for system administration, patching, monitoring, troubleshooting, backups and restores.

    Service level comparison

    Service Description Infrastructure
    24 x 7 x 365 ticket support X X
    Phone, Email, and ticket support X X
    Authentic troubleshooting and verification X X
    Infrastructure and computing support X X
    Networking support X X
    Distributed denial of service (DDOS) protection X X
    Basic guidance for setting up cloud server details X X
    Guidance for setting up multiple cloud server configurations and network X X
    Verify and confirm cloud server details X X
    Cloud server and provisioning management   X
    Help installing, configuring, and managing web server software (Apache IIS)   X
    Operating system administration and patching   X
    Security set up and administration   X
    Advance technical support and troubleshooting   X

  • Built to your specifications and needs

    Below is a sample of the configuration options for a Private Cloud or Dedicated Cloud. Each solution is custom designed and built to each customer specification and needs.

    Configuration options per Customer’s Private Cloud (Physical Node/server)
    Item or Product Specification or Range
    CPU 16 – 120 cores
    RAM 32 – 1,000 GB
    Storage Internal Storage on a RAID 10 array, External Storage on our SAN, or a combination Disc type and speed SSD, SAS, or SATA use any disc type or a combination. Control cost by using SSD where you need performance and cheaper disc where you don’t.
    • VMware – vShpere
    • Microsoft – Hyper-V
    • Citrix – Xen
    • OpenStack
    Virtual Servers (VM’s) Operation system – Customer can provide the OS license– MindCentric can provide OS license

    • Free: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian
    • License Fee: Red Hat and Windows
    Optional Cloud Services
    Service Levels A. Infrastructure Services – Included
    B. Managed Services – Optional (details)
    External Storage A. Secure virtual Disc space with logical isolation
    B. Physical Disc are dedicated to one customer only
    Backups Custom backups for whole images and/or files backups with the retention rates and duration set to your requirements
    Security A. Dedicated IP(s) and individual private security rules per IP and virtual server per customer
    B. Entire dedicated Unified Threat Management (UTM) system per customer with either a virtual appliance or dedicated appliance
    Networking and Switching Private vLAN or dedicated Switching
    (1 GHz, 10 GHz, or 40 GHz)
    Load Balancer Private virtual Load balancing appliance run in high availability for one customer only
    Compliance (HIPAA, FDA, Sox) Compliance monitoring, logging, and documentation services designed and implemented jointly with your company’s compliance officer
    Included Services
    Data Center Facilities
    • Dual path N+1 Power systems, batteries and generators
    • Power density up to 27kW+ per cabinet
    • N+1 Cooling system with closed loop, non-evaporative chilled water system
    • Individual cabinet level firewall suppression system that utilizes FM-200 gas
    • More Details
    Physical data center security
    • Cabinet Level Biometrics, Visual Surveillance, Armed Security
    • Access Control with Dual Factor Authentication
    • Perimeter and Exterior 24 x 7 live security and record surveillance video cameras
    • More Details
    WAN Network Security Enterprise Class DDoS Protection with Arbor Networks
    Network Switching All WAN switching is provided and BGP management for quickest Internet routing among 7 carriers