The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud + Private cloud + Dedicated computing + Managed Colo = Ultimate Hybrid Cloud

There are good business and technical reasons to use all the services listed above to give your company the best competitive edge at all stages of your business. Etomic can provide some or all of these services as a seamless integrated high-performance computing environment. We will manage all aspects of a hybrid environment, which include configuring, installing, allocating, and managing the blend of services you require so you have a guaranteed quality of service.

Who needs hybrid cloud?

Scenario one

Day one you’re a start up getting your business off the ground, and then just a year later your business takes off. Your needs and ways of doing business are going to make it 180 degree change. The great thing is Etomic can help you along the way from variable public cloud services, to high-value dedicated computing (opex), all the way to managed Colo (capx), and a combination of all.

Scenario two

Your online business and the majority of your computing needs is very predictable so in this case you can take advantage of dedicated computing which always gives you the best value. Or depending on your financial strategies you can do a capx model with managed Colo. Then for the part of your business that is not predictable you can use integrated public cloud on a month-to-month term. This gives you maximum flexibility to achieve the best value with the option of opex or capex.


  • Support for the entire infrastructure, host
  • Storage systems, network, and
    all data center facilities.
  • Includes engineering services designing,
    architecting, and planning environment.
  • Migration services for existing physical
    or virtual servers to our environment
  • Includes engineering services were
    optimizing your applications for
    performance and security.

Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud + Private cloud + Dedicated computing + Managed Colo=Ultimate hybrid cloud

Cloud servers

Performance compute, storage &security with flexibility, transparency, and affordability.
– Monthly or annual terms


Private cloud

Your own secure scalable cloud of any hypervisor. Best Cloud compute pricing with term.
-Annual terms


Dedicated compute

When you hit critical mass all the rules change & so do we by changing our pricing and support model.
-Annual terms


Managed colo

Use the Capx model when you own or buy the hardware. Just ship it to us, will install, manage  it.
-Annual terms