Enterprise clouds offer the most alternatives

Enterprise companies and businesses with large online presence have a much larger project scope and infrastructure needs. Most cloud service providers are not structured to provide these types of large standalone projects and services, or it is very disruptive to their standard business model that they cannot do it well. The traditional model of pricing per compute (CPU, GB, VM, etc) will not work for the enterprise because the pricing quickly becomes very expensive on large-scale. In most cases companies would prefer to focus on their core business and outsource these projects to experienced service providers, but it becomes cost prohibitive on large-scale. This forces companies to bring these projects in-house. This is where we can help.


  • Support for the entire infrastructure,
    host machines.
  • Storage systems, network, and all data
    center facilities.
  • Includes engineering services for
    designing, architecture, & planning
    your environment.
  • Migration services for your existing
    physical or virtual servers to
    our environment
  • Includes engineering services were
    optimizing your applications for
    performance and security.



Leverage our infrastructure with the appropriate terms or a combination. Most enterprises and large online businesses have a good portion of their business that is forecasted and budgeted. For these parts of the business we would build out dedicated infrastructure and leverage a longer-term for the lowest cost. The portions of your business that are not easy to forecasts or needed as a temporary solution between major build outs customers leverage our hybrid cloud services.


Purchase or provide your own equipment or a combination. A common use case for this model is for specialized equipment or software license that are typically expense items. In many cases purchasing these out right is a better alternative. We can provision and implement these into our existing infrastructure either by the “U” or customers can have private call location cabinets or cages. If you use a combination of these services or leverage our hybrid cloud everything will be privately networked together. Unlike many service providers who have different services segmented in you lose quality of service when blending services together.