Managed Colo

If you want to collocate your own equipment, we provide one of the most technologically advanced, highest density Data Center in the region that boasts ultra-efficient technical innovations, multi-layered security, and extreme density capabilities.

What your own secure mini data center?

Actual photos from the data center

Included in each cabinet:

  • Security: biometric scanner at each
  • Cooling: each cabinet has it own
    cooler turbine that control the air
    at the cabinet from the chillers
  • Fire Suppression: each cabinet has
    it own FM-200 gas fire suppression
    system. If there is a fire it will remove
    the oxygen killing the fire with
    effecting any equipment or customers
    in the cabinet next-door. Unlike
    traditional data center this type of
    system is allow because humans don’t
    go inside the cabinet with the door
    close where they count be suffocated.
  • Bandwidth: Our multi-homed
    connectivity, BGP routing, and
    DDoS protection


Detailed Colocation Features
Data Center Size: 50,000 Square Feet Deployed
Expansion Capability: 155,000 Square Feet
Business Continuity Space: 20,000 Square Feet
Power Configuration: Dual Path 2N or N+1 configuration available
Cooling: Closed loop, non-evaporative Chilled Water System
Density Capabilities: Dynamic Density Control™ supports 27kW+ per cabinet
Network Security: Enterprise DDoS Protection with Arbor Networks
Blended Bandwidth: Premium Multi-homed Connectivity
In Building Fiber Providers: Level3, Cox, TWTC, Cogent, Time Warner Cable, Internap,*
Fire Suppression: Cabinet Based Detection, Suppression, & EPO System
Monitoring: Power, HVAC, and Critical Infrastructure Systems monitored 24/7/365
Physical Security: Cabinet Level Biometrics, Visual Surveillance, Armed Security
Additional Amenities: Shipping & Receiving Station, Training Centers, Client Work Area, Wireless Internet Access, Ample Parking, Equipment Lifts, Freight Elevators, Free Beverage & Snack Machines for Client Use
Roof Access: Elevated Roof Access with Ample Space for Antenna Equipment

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