• The managed services command center

    What makes Etomic support unique? The managed support services are specifically tailored to every customer’s specific needs. We call this The Command Center. Which is a scope of services detailing the needs and requirements of each customer. The Command Center is a unique combination four different support methods and appliances:

    Scope of Services

    A specific scope of services are created for each customer that include itemized roles and SLA’s

    Teaming Support

    Dedicated support team of assigned support engineers are dedicated to each customer

    The War Chest

    Private application performance monitoring is install and set u for each customer to monitor your specific application and transactions

    24×7 Support teams

    Customers have 24 x 7 access to our support teams for heal and support in any area


    You can pick and choose where you want to manage things. Below is a common scenario of where Etomic would manager vs a customer.

  • What Is The Etomic War Chest?

    The Etomic War Chest is your central nervous system to control, monitor, and track all activity in your whole environment. It’s fully managed advanced systems and applications performance monitoring and tracking appliance. Each War Chest is a private instance installed on your LAN that is customize your needs and requirements.

    War chest features

    • Central Security Portal
    • Reporting, logging and alerts for all
    • Hardware checks
    • Application monitoring
    • Custom script monitoring
    • Network monitoring and logging
    • System health checking
    • Resource utilization reporting

    Application Monitoring To A Whole New Level

    We take monitoring to a whole new level. Where the others stop, we are just getting started. As you would expect we monitor all the systems, storage and networking. Plus, we monitor up into the application and functionality layers to ensure your on-line business is up and running at all times. Regardless, if we are managing your applications, it is vital that your applications are monitored so Etomic and our customer have holistic picture and statistics. This gives us the necessary knowledge base to make educated informed decision vs. a lot of guessing.

    Quick Issue Detection And Remedy

    The War Chest gives us the ability to detect, diagnose, remedy and report system and application performance to ensure that we exceed end-users’ and businesses’ expectations. Application performance relates to how fast transactions are completed on behalf of, or information is delivered to the end user by the application via a particular network, application and/or web services infrastructure. This is the top level functional that your business relies on.

    Built To Fit Your Needs

    The Etomic War Chest is the central nervous system of your computing environment. Etomic has spent years developing and tuning this appliance to enable our customers to maximize their infrastructure and applications for peak performance and uptime. Etomic will customize the War Chest for your specific business and needs.

    Total Privacy

    The Etomic War Chest comes in three different appliances: A virtual appliance for install in virtual “Cloud” environments. A 6” appliance that can be rack mounted or stand alone for multiple deployments in our data centers or your remote office(s). Last, for large deployments a 19” 1U appliance that we installed in your rack on your private network so we have full access to all and we can lock it down for maximum security and privacy.

  • Integrated Into Your Company

    Teaming Support Model: This 1-on-1 relationship is an extension of your company’s staff, expertise and capabilities.The teaming model augments your in-house staff, providing you with valuable resources at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff. The Etomic team will provide dedicated resources based on your technology and requirements. A customer service manager, technical manager and technical engineer(s) are assigned to each customer depending on your needs.

    This team will proactively manage your environment and communicate with your staff, forming an intimate relationship with your company. Issues are resolved quickly because we know your staff and your business, and there’s no need for knowledge transfer to start solving them. Customers have direct access to both the dedicated team and directly to the 24 x 7 support Network Operations Center (NOC) if needed in the event your support team is not available if you have an urgent matter.

    Our teaming support model:



  • Agnostic Cloud Support

    Etomic is hypervisor agnostic. We support all the industry leading virtualization hypervisor platforms in our private and hybrid clouds. Why? We have been in business for a long time, (in terms of the Internet, since 1999) and we have developed expertise on all these platforms due our interest and customer demand. Like any product, they each have pros and cons that offer customers specific advantages to their business.

    Etomic supports and manages all these Cloud virtualization hypervisor platforms

    Etomic supports and manages all these Cloud virtualization hypervisor platforms
    VMware Microsoft Citrix Red Hat Open Source
    vSphere Hyper-V Xen KVM Openstack