• Powerful compute on demand for all budgets

    Cloud servers are designed to deliver both high performance and high value where you need it and when you need it.

    Best Price/Performance 40 GB/s network Scale to 120GB/32 CPU
    You choose where you need performance in where you don’t, whether it’s CPU typing speed, mom of RAM, or disk I/O. 40 Gbps network for high performance applications and data delivery. And, network interconnect for true high-speed hybrid clouds. Scale individual club servers:

    • 1GB to 120GB RAM
    • 1 CPU to 32 CPU
    • Nothing but Intel processors inside
    • Two different platforms to meet your
      needs and budget, all-purpose and
      high performance
    • Mix-and-match all-purpose and high-
      performance together with multiple
    • All RAID-10 disk arrays
    • Both SSD and SAS/HDD for your
      performance and budget needs
    • Blazing fast 40 gigabits per second
      high-availability throughput network
    • Powered by VMware the world leader
      in both private and open source systems
    • Starting at $29 per month
      (= to $0.039/hour)
    • Manage your own servers or add manage
      cloud services and receive a discount
      on your cloud servers

  • Features

    The Etomic Cloud Server is packed full of features.

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    Best Price & Performance

    The MindCentric Cloud Server is built with features that allow for powerful compute and flexibility. Although, we’ve kept your budget in mind when building our public cloud so you don’t have to sacrifice power for affordability.

    Best Price & Performance


    You select a dedicated core or virtual core when and where you need it. This can be next and matched among different cloud servers. All Intel inside all the time.



    1 to 120 GB of RAM per cloud server see you have the performance where and when you need it.



    When you need it leverage SSD for 54X more disk I/O for high transaction databases and high-performance applications. Save on disk costs with SAS/HDD when you’re just storing files and have low performance requirements.


    Blazing Fast 40 GB/s Network

    Performance networking and interconnect with our 40 Gb per second throughput to virtual server. This network is consistent throughout the entire data center and all cloud services. Meaning, Down to a single virtual server, out to the Internet, to all storage systems and two are private servers for hybrid solutions.

    Blazing Fast 40 GB/s Network

    24/7 Protected Network

    Not only is the network fast but it’s protected too. Our multimillion dollar Arbor networks intrusion protection system is built into the front of our network to protect you 24 x 7 from a variety of vulnerability attacks and distributed denial of service attacks (DOS or DDOS).

    24/7 Protected Network

    Geographic Redundancy

    Distribute your computing and/or data across geographically diverse data centers with a minimum distance of 1,468 miles. Will help you design the best disaster recovery or distributed computing solution based on your needs.

    Geographic Redundancy

    Data Center 2.0 Reliability

    All cloud services run in a proprietary and patented Data center providing the most efficient and protected data center facilities in the world.

    Data Center 2.0 Reliability

    VMware vSphere

    VMware is the worlds leading virtualization platform with 63% of the industry running it.


    Live migration allows you to move an entire running virtual machine from one physical server to another, without downtime. This entire process takes less than two seconds on a gigabit Ethernet network.

    Storage Motion

    Enables live migration of virtual machine disk files within and across storage arrays without service disruptions. Non-disruptive moves to different classes of storage give you the ability to improve performance lower costs at any time.

    High Availability

    Provides uniform, cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized IT environment.

    Data Protection

    Traditional data backup are expensive, slow and complex. They write data to tape, which is difficult and time-consuming to restore. In contrast, VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) provides fast backup to disk with dependable recovery. Plus, it extends the backup capabilities for greater scalability and application-level integration for your mission-critical apps.

    Fault Tolerance

    Provides continuous availability for applications in the event of server failures by creating a live shadow instance of a virtual machine that is always up-to-date with the primary virtual machine. In the event of a hardware outage, vSphere FT automatically triggers failover—ensuring zero downtime and preventing data loss.

    vShield Endpoint

    VMware® vShield Endpoint™ lets you manage anti-virus and anti-malware policies for virtualized environments with the same management interfaces you use to secure physical infrastructure. vShield Endpoint strengthens virtualization security with enhanced endpoint protection by offloading AV processing to a secure virtual appliance supplied by VMware partners. vShield Endpoint:

    • Improves consolidation ratios and performance by eliminating anti-virus “storms.”
    • Automates anti-virus and anti-malware deployment and monitoring.
    • Satisfies compliance and audit requirements with anti-virus and anti-malware activity logs.

    vSphere Replication

    VMware’s proprietary replication engine, copies only changed blocks to the recovery site. This approach lowers bandwidth utilization and enables more aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) than manual, full-system virtual machine replication.

    Hot Add

    Increases capacity by adding CPU, memory, or devices to virtual machines when needed, without disputation or downtime.

  • Select Your Service Level

    You can focus your time and resource where they are utilized best. All cloud services include infrastructure service-level’s with our 24 x 7 support. If you have no IT resources don’t worry, you can focus on your core business and will do all your IT management. Just add manage services to your cloud services and we will manage it for you. Plus you get a discount on your cloud services when manage services are added (see discount tab for details)

    Infrastructure Service Level

    • Support for the entire infrastructure, host machines, Storage systems, network, and all data center facilities.
    • Includes engineering services for designing, architecting, and planning your environment.
    • Migration services for your existing physical or virtual servers to our environment (additional charges may apply for complex migrations)
    • Includes engineering services were optimizing your applications for performance and security.

    Managed Service Level

    • Includes all the services that come with infrastructure service levels
    • We will help configure your web servers, environment, and DNS.
    • Fully manage services for all your systems and data
    • Customize monitoring to ensure your highest level applications and functionality are performing
    • Full engineering services for system administration, patching, monitoring, troubleshooting, backups and restores.

    Service level comparison

    Service Description Infrastructure
    24 x 7 x 365 ticket support X X
    Phone, Email, and ticket support X X
    Authentic troubleshooting and verification X X
    Infrastructure and computing support X X
    Networking support X X
    Distributed denial of service (DDOS) protection X X
    Basic guidance for setting up cloud server details X X
    Guidance for setting up multiple cloud server configurations and network X X
    Verify and confirm cloud server details X X
    Cloud server and provisioning management X
    Help installing, configuring, and managing web server software (Apache IIS) X
    Operating system administration and patching X
    Security set up and administration X
    Advance techincal support and troubleshooting X

  • Choose your server configuration

    Select exact size cloud server you need to meet your technical needs and budget. Plus, we provide two types of cloud server, All-purpose and High-performance for the value and performance you require.
    All-Purpose Cloud Servers

    All-Purpose Cloud Servers

    Serves most on-line computing needs such as web servers, batch processing, network appliances, small databases, and most general-purpose computing workloads.

    • Low to medium RAM
    • High-performance, RAID 10-protected
    • Redundant 10-Gigabit networking*
    • From 1–8 vCPUs*
    • Disk I/O up to ~35,000 4K random read IOPS and ~35,000 4K random write IOPS.
    All-Purpose cloud servers
    Start Up Growing Mondo Donkey
    vCPU(s) 1 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU
    System Disk 20GB 40GB 40GB 40GB
    Data Disk N/A 20GB 40GB 40GB
    Infrastructure Service Level $19/mo $48/mo $96/mo $192/mo

    Get a 20% discount on your cloud servers

    Managed Service Server Discount $15/mo $38/mo $76/mo $152/mo
    Managed service Fee $135/mo $135/mo $135/mo $135/mo

    High-Performance Cloud Servers

    Built for applications demanding higher RAM, more disk I/O, and more consistent performance, including medium to large relational databases, No SQL data stores, and distributed caches.

    • Medium to high RAM
    • High-performance, RAID 10-protected
    • Redundant 10-Gigabit networking*
    • From 4–32 vCPUs
    • Disk I/O scales with the number of data disks up to ~80,000 4K random read IOPS and ~70,000 4K random write IOPS.
    High-Performance cloud servers
    Start Up Growing Mondo Donkey
    vCPU(s) 1 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU
    System Disk 20GB 40GB 40GB 40GB
    Data Disk N/A 20GB 40GB 80GB
    Infrastructure Service Level $19/mo $48/mo $96/mo $192/mo

    Get a 20% discount on your cloud servers

    Managed Service Server Discount $15/mo $38/mo $76/mo $152/mo
    Managed service Fee $135/mo $135/mo $135/mo $135/mo

    Compare Options

    Cloud Servers
    Cloud Servers
    RAM 1 – 8GB RAM 8 – 120GB RAM
    vCPU (1 vCPU = 1 physical thread) 1 – 8 vCPU’s (Virtual CPUs) 4 -32 vCPU’s (Virtual CPUs)
    System disk 1 – 8GB RAM 8 – 120GB RAM
    Data disk Disk space allocated for your application data that is RAID 10-protected and are NOT captured when you image a server. Disk space allocated for your application data that is RAID 10-protected and are NOT captured when you image a server.
    Disk I/O Disk I/O is shared acrossthe host. Dedicated for your use, regardless of host contention.

    Operating Systems and Database Software License Pricing

    Linux FREE
    Windows Server $15 / vCPU /month
    Windows SQL Web $10 / 2-vCPU /month
    Windows SQL Standard $135 / 2-vCPU /month
    LINUX $495 / 2-vCPU /month