• Protect yourself from the unknown

    Be prepared for accidental deletes, corruption, hackers, over writes, etc. It’s not a matter of “if but when”. Quickly protect and restore import files or entire service images

    Fast and secure block storage

    High Performance I/O for high transaction databases and applications.

    I/O Performance

    Our cloud infrastructure can delivery the type of performance that was only available with dedicated hardware.

    Fast data transaction

    Blazing fast 10Gigabit inter-connected network from your Block Storage to your High-Performance Cloud servers. All our cloud services are configured for maximum performance at and between each component. We eliminate network and I/O bottlenecks and provide increased throughput and performance.

    Maximum price performance storage

    Choose your speed between multiple options so you have performance when you need it and low-cost Storage where you need it. You can allocate high performance storage only where you need it and use low-cost storage in all the other areas for maximum performance and savings.

    Flat rate pricing with free I/O

    You pay only for the allocated storage provision in GB increments. We do not bill for any I/O or other transaction that are difficult to predict and costly.

  • Features

    Block storage gives you high performance where you need it and value where you need it.

    MindCentric Block Storage provides high-performance for your I/O demanding applications and databases. Choose the exact type of storage you need:

    • Value blocks provide constant performance for day-to-day storage needs
    • SSD blocks provide high-performance for your I/O demanding applications and databases

    Plus, our High-Performance Cloud Servers use 10 Gigabit Ethernet internal network connection to your Block Storage

  • Simple pricing with no hidden fees

    • Simple per GB pricing in 100 GB increments
    • Never pay for I/O transaction
    • Never pay for bandwith or connectivity in or out

    Value Blocks

    • $0.08/GB/month
    • $8.00/100GB/month

    SSD Blocks

    • $0.40/GB/month
    • $40.00/100GB/month