Company Overview

EtomicMail’s services act as the ultimate managed service for your organization’s IT infrastructure. We offer superior e-mail protection, message management, and a wide variety of hosted services such as dedicated and virtual servers that can accommodate any company size. Whether it is a small business or global enterprise, EtomicMail provides security and peace-of-mind knowing your network is shielded from unwanted viruses, worms and unsolicited e-mail. Our extensive network architecture provides inbound and outbound message management designed to secure your network gateways. In addition your organization has peace of mind knowing that they have a team of highly trained professionals acting as an extension of their IT infrastructure.

With exponential increases in the amount of spam and virus attacks on computer systems, EtomicMail provides the most technologically advanced network and e-mail system protection, guarding against: attack from malicious code, or worms; viruses; infiltration and inundation of unsolicited e-mail, or spam; and unwanted assaults on your e-mail servers.

According to Gartner, the network infrastructure outsourcing market is the fastest growing segment in IT outsourcing and will increase from 28 percent of the total IT outsourcing market in 2003 to 31 percent in 2008, a compound annual growth of nearly 10 percent.*

Significantly reduce costs by investing in EtomicMail’s message management solutions—a vital component for companies relying on e-mail to support their business.

E-mail has become an essential component for thriving in today’s business climate. EtomicMail’s electronic message management solutions play a fundamental role in protecting your company’s digital assets and ultimately boosting company productivity. We pride ourselves on having network messaging solutions accompanied by exceptional, individualized client service. From our team of highly trained engineers and developers, to our client service support teams all play a vital role in delivering our technologically advanced e-mail protection and message management services.

With corporate headquarters located in San Diego, California, EtomicMail has been managing e-mail for customers since 2001.

*Gartner Research, “Networks Provide the Wealth of IT Services Opportunities” by
Eric Goodness, January 19, 2005